When your planing to grow business, the time of assessment in a move or installation of large scale precision equipment is critical. We understand there will be obstacles that need to be overcome, as well as the attention to details needed to provide a cost-effective move or installation. Time being the most important detail, we are determined to make your move or installation as smooth as possible, with minimal effects against your operation.     e


  Looking for right equipment can be challenging, considering all variables. How do you overcome these obstacles? Experience. Consulting being one of our area of expertise, we can provide out-siding recommendations in make your purchase economical and profitable. This involves more than numbers. We have the experience in dealing with Graphic Arts Equipment since 1985 and understand the current economic conditions. Appraisals being an assessment of equipment in its current conditions. “Insurance Company’s relay on us to assist them”.Leonard Enterprises is dedicated in making your equipment appraisal as economical as possible, including insurance and bank valuations, damage estimates, total loss valuation, and repair reinspections. Our goal being gaining your respect and confidence by providing you with a accurate, comprehensive, professional, cost-effective service in a timely fashion.  

Electronic Board and Computer Repairs

 Electronics repair is getting more expensive every day and most graphic industrial electronic items are repaired at Leonard Enterprises for a fraction of replacement cost. Instead of throwing away that damaged circuit board, power supply, servo motor, drive, BLT, etc., … Let us repair them for you.